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computer rendering of the toyota compact cruiser ev driving on a rocky desert trail


Toyota revealed an absolute onslaught of new electric car concepts in December 2021. Our eyes were immediately drawn to the apparent electric Tacoma. But Toyota also included a cool vehicle right next to it. It was a small, boxy off-road SUV with cladding, a skid plate and a roof rack. Toyota called it “the Compact Cruiser EV.”

Will the Compact Cruiser become a production electric car? Here’s what we know.

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Is the Toyota Compact Cruiser happening?

Did Toyota tease the Compact Cruiser during the Land Cruiser launch?

During the 2024 Land Cruiser reveal, Toyota teased a new, smaller off-road SUV in the background while discussing making the Land Cruiser brand more climate neutral and attainable. It could be the Compact Cruiser or a more production-realistic vehicle based on it.

The vehicle appears to be riding higher than the Compact Cruiser concept. It also has more realistically proportioned rear doors and a spare wheel on the back.

It won’t be called the “Compact Cruiser,” right?

No. Probably not. It’s unclear what will happen with Toyota EV nomenclature. The bZ4X sounds like a hot new piece of office equipment from the 1990s. So we hope Toyota changes course. We don’t expect “Cruiser” was included lightly. And it’s possible that Toyota revives the FJ Cruiser nameplate.

How much will the Compact Cruiser cost?

The Compact Cruiser could end up being quite affordable. Car and Driver projected — at least at one point — a starting price of $35,000. That starting price — $7,000 below the bZ4X — may be ambitious. But we’d expect the Compact Cruiser to be competitive with other manufacturer’s entry-level EV crossovers.

The Compact Cruiser is already award-winning

Will the Compact Cruiser be an SUV or crossover?

The Compact Cruiser takes styling cues from the first-gen Land Cruiser. But it looks very much like it runs on an EV car platform rather than a body-on-frame platform.

Expect the Compact Cruiser EV to stay small

Toyota didn’t get cute naming its EV concepts. The EV pickup was called the “Pickup EV.” So Toyota including “compact” is probably a reference to body size. The Compact Cruiser EV looks smaller than the Pickup EV, which looks like a midsize truck.

The Compact Cruiser may be the FT-4X concept, but electric

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