This Nissan R34 GT-R Has A Paint Job Way More Expensive Than You Might Think

The Nissan GT-R is one of the most iconic Japanese sports cars, even more so if it’s the R34 generation. The R34 was the zenith of the Skyline era, and the last GT-R to bear the Skyline name before the R35 sports car came out and it simply became the Nissan GT-R.

Automotive content creator Larry Chen has been down under in Australia to check out some impressive Nissan GT-Rs, but one in an alien paint scheme really grabbed his attention. This epic GT-R, belonging to Rubns Sales, is in a paint scheme that Chen describes as more expensive than Midnight Purple III, giving us one of the most dramatic-looking GT-Rs we have ever laid eyes on.

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This R34’s Paint Scheme Is What makes It So Special

Nissan R34 GT-R Skyline Engine Specs



Production Years



Twin-Turbo Straight Six




276 hp


289 lb-ft



Notable Applications

Nissan Skyline GT-R Z-Tune, Nissan Skyline GT-R R33

Chen looks at the paint scheme instantly on the R34 GT-R to discover that this is actually PPG Hallock 3D, with a variety of chameleon colors that go from orange, purple, and green to create a radical mixture of colors for the Nissan.

It’s a little bit inspired by Midnight Purple, with most people not choosing to have the orange added to the mixture of the color. How the colors transition to each other is very dramatic. The addition of the orange also brightens up how the paintwork looks.

Chen was at the 2023 Platinum Racing Products GT-R festival. Sales explain that it has won the car of the event twice before, thanks to its epic paint scheme and the sheer quality of the work done on the car.

This paint is very expensive, and per liter, it would set you back $2,500 AUD or roughly $1,685 USD for those across the Atlantic. That is a lot of money for one liter, but the cost rises further because, in total, 24 liters were actually bought to paint the entire sports car.

PPG Color Nissan R34 GT-R rear view low down
via Larry Chen YouTube Channel

This sees the cost stack up to huge numbers, and it would have cost Sales $60,000 AUD to paint the GT-R in this color which roughly converts to $40,440 USD. Chen, as you might imagine, was quite shocked by how much that brought the total cost up.

You definitely get a good-looking car but that price tag does not include the labor that goes with applying the paint. But Sales loves this car a lot, so it was a case of “you only live once” when it came to painting it in this outrageous color.

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The R34 Started Out Life AS A 1999 Model

PPG Color Nissan R34 GT-R parked up in Australia
via Larry Chen YouTube Channel

Nissan R34 GT-R Skyline Highlights

  • Built From 1999 to 2002
  • The Final GT-R To Bare The Skyline Name
  • R34 Z-Tune Was Built To Celebrate The End Of R34 Production
  • Power Came From The 2.6-Liter Twin-Turbocharged RB26DETT I6
  • New Nissan GT-R Would Not Come Until 2007

Originally, this Nissan R34 GT-R was just your average, 1999 model finished in silver. Sales bought it a week before his wedding so it has been with him for some time. Under the hood, we look at the RB26 engine that became synonymous with the Skyline GT-Rs, and the engine bay is just as crazy as the exterior design of the car.

Part of the reason the paint cost so much is because the engine bay, braking systems, and calipers are also painted in the same color.

The paint is even heat-resistant, so braking and engine heat won’t ruin or blemish any of the color inside the bay. Literally, the entire bay, both covers, and bodywork are in the entire color. The paintwork even extends to the bodywork that is all hidden, such as underneath the fenders and even the door jams.

If you were to strip every component of the bodywork of the car, it would all be in this color. The engine itself though has had some extra work done to it.

PPG Color Nissan R34 GT-R Engine Bay close up view
via Larry Chen YouTube Channel

A step two modification to the engine is the major addition, with a HKS 62 the biggest head gasket you can get on the market for the R34. New timer heads are also added to the 2.6-liter RB26, and now the engine produces 829 hp on the dyno, with the torque level at 1,300 lb-ft.

It’s quite possibly one of the most powerful 2.6-liter GT-Rs on the market. Despite all the changes, Sales has managed to retain the air-conditioning of the GT-R. This is perfect for some of the very hot days that can be had in Australia.

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Some Nitrous Is A Surprise In The Back Of The R34 GT-R

PPG Color Nissan R34 GT-R Rear view from above
via Larry Chen YouTube Channel

If that extra power from the various engine changes wasn’t enough, Sales has added a little bit of extra power in the form of the nitrous hiding in the trunk. This “go faster juice” is more to give the turbo a bit more of a boost and to get it up to speed quicker than normal, rather than about drastically improving the outright speed of the Nissan.

To handle the extra power, Sales improved the brakes, adding GT-R R35 ones to the car. When it comes to the interior, things are much simpler.

Sales didn’t want to change inside the car, with the interior left as stock as possible. Given that he takes his kids into the car on some days, he wants the interior to be as comfortable as the car was when it left the factory.

Chen then gets a ride in the car. Prior to that, Sales fires the engine up to let it warm up, and it’s one of the best-sounding GT-Rs we have ever heard. The video likely doesn’t do justice to just how good this sports car sounds.

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This R34 GT-R Is Still The Perfect Street Car

PPG Color Nissan R34 GT-R viewed from front right side
via Larry Chen YouTube Channel

Chen and Sales take the car for a spin, and despite all the changes, the Skyline is still the perfect street car. It has all the mod-cons such as air conditioning to make it a comfortable daily driver. We have a chance to hear the incredible turbo spool from the Skyline as Sales hits the gas and then comes off the loud pedal. It’s a sensational sound.

This might be one of the most impressive GT-Rs we’ve ever seen, with most of that coming from that outstanding paint job that ensures this car is one of a kind.

Source: Larry Chen YouTube Channel

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