Toyota Might Take On The Maverick With A Corolla-Based Small Truck

Toyota is currently hogging the limelight in the automotive following the return of the Land Cruiser. While the SUV fits with the vast off-road market in the United States, pickup trucks – even those as small as the Ford Maverick – still dominate sales. But Toyota might challenge the Maverick’s segment dominance with a Corolla-based small pickup truck, according to a report from Automotive News.

Some of the images in this post are HotCars exclusive renders of the Toyota Stout pickup truck by digital artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel

Toyota Wants To Challenge Maverick With A Corolla Derivative

white 2023 Ford Maverick
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Automotive News’ recently published report outlined some Toyota products that are in the pipeline. These new products include the re-engineered bZ4X electric compact crossover (2026 but may arrive earlier), a refreshed Mirai hydrogen-powered sedan (2025), a refreshed Tundra pickup (2025), a new electric three-row crossover (2026), and a new electric sedan based on a 2021 concept (unscheduled).

Interestingly, the report also included a Corolla-based pickup truck in the list. However, this new product is still under discussion and is yet to receive any green light from the Japanese automaker. This new vehicle version of the Corolla would take on the Maverick, which is currently making the compact pickup truck segment its sales playground.

Moreover, the report added that once it gains approval, the Corolla-based pickup truck would see production at the Japanese company’s facilities in Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi. The plant currently builds the current generation of the Corolla.

Nevertheless, the Corolla-based pickup truck wouldn’t come sooner as it would arrive in the market in 2027 at the earliest. That timeline could mean Toyota would base the pickup truck on the next generation of the Corolla.RELATED: Why The Ford Maverick Is The Best Compact Pickup Truck Today

A Corolla-Based Small Pickup Truck Isn’t Totally Unlikely

Toyota Stout Pickup, front quarter view
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While some people may see the idea of a Corolla-based as unthinkable, Toyota has in fact used the model itself to deliver different vehicle versions of the nameplate. The Japanese brand launched the current generation of Corolla for the 2019 model year as a hatchback, and then for the 2020 model year as a sedan. Then, Toyota steered the nameplate into the compact SUV segment by introducing the Corolla Cross.

All Corolla versions sit on Toyota’s TNGA-C platform, which underpins the automaker’s compact model (cars and SUVs). Reimagining the current Corolla as a small pickup truck is achievable, given the C-class platform underpinning it. Both the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz also sit on C-platforms that underpin their respective compact SUV counterparts, namely the Escape and Tucson.

Nevertheless, things may change when Toyota shifts the Corolla to the next generation in the next few years. By that time, the Corolla might be a better basis for Toyota’s next small pickup truck.

The rumored Toyota Stout could be a worthier challenger to the Maverick in the small pickup truck segment. With these factors in mind, it’s not difficult to imagine that the Stout might be the Corolla-based small pickup truck.

Source: Automotive News

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