Will The Tesla Cybertruck Fit In Most Garages? Here’s What We Know About Its Dimensions

The Tesla Cybertruck is finally coming after much delay since its reveal back in 2019. It’s been a very lengthy development of the controversial-looking pickup truck, but Tesla has shared the first images of a production truck at its Gigafactory in Texas. In terms of the size of the pickup, little is out there, but it now appears that the new EV is competitively sized compared to its rivals.

A report from Automotive News states that the new Tesla pickup truck is shorter than a Ford F-150 but with a longer bed. It is also longer than the Rivian R1T with a lot more space overall versus its rival.

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Elon Musk Dropped Hints At The Pickup Trucks Size

Camouflaged Production Tesla Cybertruck Spotted By A Fan
via CybertruckOwnersClub

Tesla boss Elon Musk himself was dropping hints as to the size of the Cybertruck, while also suggesting that it is targeting the Ford F-150 Lightning in various ways. Musk commented on the size of the truck after the image of the first production version appeared on the company’s Twitter/X account.

The production example is smaller in size than the 2019 prototype and with a bigger bed overall. Musk was suggesting that the truck is much more comparable in size compared to the F-150 Lightning, with the Ford truck measured at 19.4 feet long and with a 5.6-ft bed according to Ford’s official website.

The 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV is similar in size to the Lightning, with it 19.4 feet long and with a 5 ft 11-inch bed. The Rivian R1T however is even smaller, with it being 18 feet long and a much smaller 4.5-foot bed

At the moment, there is nothing official from Tesla regarding the size of the truck, with no legitimate dimensions released by the EV manufacturer. But Musk’s words do raise the prospect of a very versatile-sized truck and one that is perhaps more practical than people first imagined.

Tesla Cybertruck Ford F-150 prototype, side/rear quarter view
Via: Twitter via Greggertruck

It seems that the F-150 Lightning has become a clear target for Musk and Tesla. Early examples of the Cybertruck are wearing vinyl wraps, making them look like their Ford counterparts. The wrap on the Cybertruck mimics the door handles, body stampings, and various other elements of the Ford.

The F-150 Lightning isn’t actually designed as a bespoke EV, it is a heavily modified version of the regular F-150 pickup truck. The Cybertruck, however, is an EV from the ground up, potentially giving it advantages over the Ford in terms of its size and dimensions.

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The Cybertruck May Not Have A Front Trunk

Tesla Cybertruck Front Three Quarter Driving Image
Via: Tesla

One feature that may be lacking in the Cybertruck is a front trunk, also referred to as a frunk. Sandy Munro, founder and CEO of Munro & Associates, has said that in recent images, the short front end of the Cybertruck will contribute to its lack of front trunk space.

Munro went on to say that “It’s not going to be filled with room, but I don’t think Tesla would put anything out into the marketplace without some sort of frunk”. So we can likely expect some form of frunk, even if it is on the small side.

While Musk is clearly enjoying poking fun at Ford and the F-150 Lightning, the reality is that the two trucks might appeal to very different buyers. Ford’s electric pickup is very much a rugged, working truck designed to handle as many tough tasks as possible.

The Cybertruck meanwhile may appeal more to the lighter outdoor activity people, with it perfect for camping trips with a bed of plentiful capacity but not quite having the rugged capabilities of the Ford or Rivian R1T. The loyal Tesla customer base is likely to be very drawn to the new truck.

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Tesla Has Teased The Pricing Of The Cybertruck

Front Three Quarters of a Tesla Cybertruck Concept parked in an open hanger

Among all the talk of the Cybertrucks pricing, Tesla has teased the price of the new pickup truck as well via a tweet or is that now perhaps an “X”, from Musk himself on the social-media platform formerly known as Twitter.

Musk said that the “Ford Lightning is a good vehicle, just somewhat expensive, especially given the high-interest rates these days for any kind of loan.” It was a not-so-subtle suggestion that the new truck from Tesla will get priced below the F-150 Lightning.

What is fascinating about this is that the claim from Musk came regarding the recent $10,000 price drop for some trim levels of the F-150 Lightning. With the entry-level Ford electric pickup now starting at $49,995, it suggests that the Cybertruck will dip below that price point, perhaps even as low as the $40,000 mark.

Certainly, the Cybertruck is set to undercut the Rivian R1T massively as that has its own starting price of $73,000.

Source: Automotive News

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